How to make Keto Cauliflower Rice with a Food Processor

I got a new toy :D!!!! A Cuisinart food processor and it was on sale for $35. What a good deal. I always wanted one to make cauliflower rice. I use a cheese grinder to make cauliflower rice and it is such a mess and hassle. Food processor makes my life so much easier!


Ketolifehack_CauliflowerRice3  Ketolifehack_CauliflowerRice5

I had a hard time on learning how to use it, mainly because I don’t like to read the manual lol. Anyway I assembled it and the motor did not start. I watched a Youtube video I realized the handle of the cup has to be in the front like the image above.

1 head of Cauliflower

Food Processor
(Optional) Flour sack towel, I got them from target


Step 1 : Wash and cut a head of cauliflower into smaller pieces

Step 2 : Put them into the food processor. The machine is pretty powerful. It pulses pretty quick. It is important not to add too much at once for even pulsing. 

Ketolifehack_CauliflowerRice2  Ketolifehack_CauliflowerRice6

Step 3 : Place the cauliflower in a blow. Micro wave it for 3 – 5 mins or cook them in a pan.

(Optional for cauliflower flour) Step 4 : Let it cool for a while and squeeze the water out with flour sack towel. I squeeze the water out mainly for making sushi or pizza. 

Ketolifehack_keto_cauliflower rice

You can use it for so many things, any rice dishes, pizza, and I even made paella with it. Check out this cauliflower sushi that I made. I can’t wait to use this food processor more and experiment with it. 🙂

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