Tuna & Egg Cauliflower Sushi

One of the hardest part of following a keto diet is not being able to eat rice. I loveeeeee sushi so I made cauliflower sushi :D. This is my second time making it and, I am definitely getting the hang of it. Last time, I used salmon and avocado, and it tasted excellent. It tasted like real sushi and the texture of cauliflower rice is perfect! I wanted to use avocado and tuna together but the avocado I bought was not ripe yet so I used egg instead. This meal is so versatile, you can use tuna, cucumber, crab meat etc. 

Tips 1: Make sure the cauliflower and tuna are dry, so that the nori wont be too soggy and fall apart. 

Tips 2: Make cauliflower rice using a food processor will save you a lot of time. Pulse them a few time and in small amount. 

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Tuna & Egg Cauliflower Sushi
Tuna & Egg Cauliflower Sushi
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  1. 1 tsp rice vinegar
  2. 1 whole cauliflower
  3. Three sheets of Sushi nori
  4. 1 can of chunk light tuna in oil
  5. 2 large eggs

  1. Food processor
  2. Bamboo mat
  1. Preparing Cauliflower rice –
  2. Step 1 : Make cauliflower rice. Pulse a few times to create a texture similar to rice.
  3. Step 2 : Microwave the cauliflower rice. Add the rice vinegar and mix well.
  4. Step 2 : Let the rice cold down.

  5. Preparing sushi ingredient –
  6. Step 1 : Squeeze most of the oil out from the tuna can and set aside.
  7. Step 2 : Beat the eggs and pan fried them. Cut them into long slices.

  8. Put everything together –
  9. Step 1 : Lay down the nori on the bamboo mat.
  10. Step 2 : Spread the cauliflower rice evenly on the nori and leave one inch empty at the end.
  11. Step 3 : Place the tuna and egg at the bottom.
  12. Step 4 : Grab the bottom of the bamboo mat and roll it into a tube. Add some pressure to make sure it is firm.
  13. Step 5 : Cut them into smaller pieces and enjoy!
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