Starting Fresh!

Extra Bacon please!!

I am very excited to start this new keto blog. I started lazy keto four months ago, and I am not gonna lie, I ate hella carbs multiple times D:. Now with this blog, I am gonna start fresh and maintain this lifestyle more consistently. Hoping to motivate me and inspire you!

Let’s start by posting my current eating habit and macros:


*Generated by [Keto Calculator]( 9.9*

24/F/4’11” | CW 96 | 22% BF | Mostly sedentary

* 966 kcal Goal, a 19% deficit. (827 min, 1199 max)
* 25g Carbohydrates
* 59g Protein (45g min, 74g max)
* 70g Fat (55g min, 95g max)


I am pretty tiny, so I don’t need to eat that much. I am not considered fat or unhealthy. I just have some skinny fat that I want to lose and my end goal is to gain some muscle as well.

Eating Pattern
I started 5:2 fasting two days ago. In 2 days of the week, I only eat a quarter of my total daily energy expenditure, which is around 300 calories. For the other 5 days, I eat normally, around 1000 calories with a small deficit.

I did T25 and P90X3 before. I had great result from T25 but I always get bored of these work out videos at the end. So I am planning on getting a gym membership soon. Lifting weight to gain muscle is more important than cardio.  I also play badminton on the weekends.

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